Saturday, 17 January 2009


Dear friends,
I have created this blog because I have increasingly felt the need for us to bring our visions, gifts and thoughts together as one body of Christ.
I know that most of us have a passion for the church of Greece and Cyprus and we are working, studying, preparing for a life of ministry to the Greek church.
However, most of us are dreaming privately and we are not aware of the specific callings of each other and how God is gradually forming a bigger picture in the mind of each one of us for the future of Greece.
Some of us want to be teachers, pastors, counsellors, church planters, youth leaders, social workers, etc. and all of us have to think and dream within a common national religious context.
So let's think together, let's inform each other of how we see the future and above all, let's celebrate the diversity of calling and gifting that God has given to each one.
I want to know for which end you are working for, through what means you plan to achieve it, and I want to encourage you during the whole process.
This is a space to discuss issues of common interest. E.g. the church and youth anarchy in Greece, the postmodern academy, symbiosis of christian denominations, and many more!
Join me!

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