Tuesday, 3 February 2009


“Religious minorities continue to face difficulties which relate to the legal status quo. . . . Religious freedom is a basic area in which real and tangible progress is urgently needed and specific action is demanded concerning the adoption and implementation of an appropriate legislation, in accordance to the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, as a unified and indispensable part of what the European Union represents.”


This is how passionately our Greek member of the European Parliament, Katerina Mbatzeli, argues for the position and treatment of the Orthodox religious minority in Turkey! Are we really in a position to point fingers at other countries and oppose the introduction of nations with such anti-european mentality into the EU?

Should we not put our own house in order first and show to the world how religious minorities are supposed to be treated, in accordance to the European Convention of Human Rights?

Yesterday’s event on religious minorities in Greece, organized by the Greek Evangelical Association, had Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran representatives among others (http://s09.divshare.com/files/2009/02/03/6471615/6471615-23d.swf). The minister of Education and Religion assured, in his absence, that he is an active supporter of these efforts. Albeit, the outcome of the meeting was a firm diagnosis of the seriousness of our country’s impairment: not only are we equality-challenged, but also far-sighted!

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