Monday, 2 February 2009

Religious Minorities

Why do the Catholics and Evangelicals rage, and these people devise a vain thing . . . against the Annointed Ones?
This rereading of Psalm 2 is echoed in some Orthodox reactions to the conference held on Monday, February 2nd 2009, in Athens:

The greatest churches of the Western world, the Catholics and Protestants, have no legal standing in Greece and any attempt to request such recognition is viewed as an attack against the state Church: "new attacks, not only from the Christian heretics but from the pseudo-progressive ones as well."
Currently, the Greek Constitution formally recognizes only Jews and Muslims. In the light of this meeting, the Orthodox are now called to take their positions for this imminent battle.
It will be a long road before every Greek will be able to feel at home in his/her own country...

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  1. Once more it is proven that nationalism and religion go hand in hand, in the 21st century Greece.

    I really wonder if there is any other country with a constitution that, in the same breath that establishes religious freedom, states which particular dogma is to be dominant...!

    Exactly how that part of constitution is being and is going to be, enforced? This is something to ponder on... the inferences could be enlightening in respect to the modern day reality in Greece.